Exquisite, portable and flexible, Dr. Green USA USB light uses 1W high luminosity LED surface light source with a luminance of 235 lux at a height of 30 cm, and it provides twice the lighting effect as other USB lights. Its lighting power is comparable to a 20-bulb USB light. However, unlike traditional USB LED lights, which emit stuttered lights corresponding to individual bulbs, Dr. Green USB light produces steady and even streams of light. Its technology employs a Chip On board (COB) light engine construction, which improves light efficiency, and also reduces light decay. The result is a one-of-a-kind USB LED light that delivers a brilliant and reliable light performance.

A practical yet elegant item, this USB LED light is a unique gift idea for corporate giving, and definitely a great present for every occasion.

Suitable For laptop/notebook with USB connector. Can be used as extra lighting for webcam conferencing, and can also act as a small-scale desk lamp.

- No CO2 emission
- Green Product with RoHS compliance
- Maintenance Free
- Long life span: 10 years
- Eradicates glare and shadowed spots
- Available in cool and warm lights
- Available in various colors: Black, Yellow, Dark Blue, Apple Green, Sky Blue, Red, White, Pearl White, Hot Pink


Product Features
- Twice the lighting effect than other USB lights
- Energy-saving, no ghosting, wide lighting angle
- Low consumption of power
- Portable and convenient instant lighting
- Small, flexible and safe
- Plugs directly into computer’s/laptop’s USB port

- Light Source: 1 W
- Luminous Flux (lm): 75 lm
- Power Consumption: 1 ± W 10%
- Operating Life: > 40,000 hours
- Operating Interface: PC/NB USB Interface
- Beam Angle 120°
- Color Rendering Index: 75
- Net Weight: 57g